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Training Work stress management

Increasingly present at the workplace, stress has been increasing in recent years. Increased workload, increasing pressure and more stringent demands are some of the factors that amplify this stress.
In the long term, the negative effect is certain and harms the employee, the manager and the company.

Physical, psychological and organizational symptoms can appear: absenteeism, medical problems, bad atmosphere in offices, reduced productivity…
All of this has an impact on the entire company.

How to best decrypt the sources of stress in the workplace and learn to deal with it?

This one-day training covers 3 important aspects in stress management:

  • Managing your emotions
  • Time management
  • Attitudes of change

Aims of the training

  • Understand the mechanisms of stress and bring about personal awareness
  • Provide practical tools to detect, prevent and manage sources of stress

1 day

The training is aimed at any employee or manager confronted with the problem of stress in a company.


  • Differences between good stress and bad stress
  • The 3 phases of stress and its dangers
  • 2 individual self-diagnostic questionnaires: assessment of stress level and perception of sources of stress (private & professional)
  • Managing “negative” emotions and problem behaviors
  • Adopt a positivist attitude
  • Time management: how not to be overwhelmed?
  • How do we manage our priorities?
  • Hunt time thieves (individuals and processes)
  • Change and stress

Emphasis is placed on practical exercises, aimed at making participants aware of their reactions to concrete situations of stress.

In French, Dutch or English.

Personalized support for participants (coaching) can be organized following the training.

Important information: COVID PROOF training
We assure you that we are following the COVID-19 health guidelines, so you can participate at our training courses in complete safety.
If you wish, we can also organize our training online via the TEAMS or ZOOM app.


If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on 02 534 44 11 or by e-mail

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