Our Team

Our Team

Michaël Frajlick
Director and Events Manager

Céline Rouaux
Psychologist, Communication Manager
French-speaking opywriter and Trainer

Sarah Callens
Psychologist, Consultant
Dutch-speaking Copywriter and Trainer

Charles Frajlick
Senior Consultant in management communication
Copywriter, Speechwriter, Trainer 

Marleen Vandenbosch
Dutch-speaking Copywriter and Trainer

Michel Rozenberg
Civil ingeneer
Coach and Trainer in Dutch, English and French 

Mally Bart
Financial & Back Office Manager

Pierre Bigaré
French-speaking Trainer

Patrick Veeckman
Sociologist, Consultant
Dutch-speaking Trainer 

Marie-Thérèse Van Roey
Account Manager
Dutch-speaking Copywriter

Daniel Brandt
English-speaking Copywriter 

Thierry Crochelet
Research and opinion survey Consultant 

Anne Despontin
Stage Manager and event area architect-decorator 

And a group of external professionals, highly specialized in different fields: consultants, trainers, translators, graphic designers, photographers, cameramen, caterers, artists, etc.