Our Concepts

Our Concepts

Here is a selection of  original concepts we create for our customers:

B2B Events

  • The Belgistory
  • Exquisite Experiences
  • The Big Friendship Evening

Corporate parties and Fun days

  • Sleepless night in Saint-Petersburg
  • Night-time Extravaganza in Rio
  • Medieval Adventures
  • Great Farm Banquet in 1901
  • On Route 66


  • The Famous All-Star Circus
  • Play, Show and Live together
  • Spy Academy
  • Mission to Vega

Family days and Saint-Nicolas

  • The Extraordinary world of Pinocchio
  • The Superheroes School
  • Jungle Adventures
  • Welcome to Discoland
  • Peter Pan and the Pirates
  • The Famous All-Star Circus
  • Expedition Robinson Crusoe