Delta Program: how to communicate efficiently with the unions

Program DELTA:
communicate effectively with the trade unions©

Aim of the training

  • Lead communication between the manager, his employees and the trade unions:
  • Understand why and how to win the internal public opinion
  • Understand and react effectively to trade union communication
  • Control the managerial zone ©


2 days

In two days:

  • Some essential basics of communication and relationships
  • Information flow: How it works
  • Listening and being understood
  • Human relationships in the social context
  • The territory of words: power game and conflict within the company
  • Control and management of the managerial zone© when facing rival powers
  • Trade union strategy versus company project
  • Introduction to propaganda and counter propaganda techniques
  • Exercises on communication and relationships with employees
  • Simulation of strained situations, how to prevent them and how to react to them


A practical approach, based on real-life situations, but also on understanding human phenomena. Knowledge is attained through practical exercises and action

Intra-company options
If several persons inside your company are interested in our trainings, we can organize your own session as well.