Our approach

An event is so much more than an event.

Thinking about organizing a family day which will remain engraved in all the memories? You intend to launch new products, projects or strategies? Or you simply want quite a perfect event? Frajlick Celebration is the solution!

We are experts and operators specialized in events communication.
We conceive and realize carefully designed, tailor-made and original Events.

The main criteria of an event are pertinence and effectiveness. And because an event is the dramatization of information, the three classical criteria of time, place and action are very important as well. This implies disciplined and rigorous creation and realization.
So the efficiency of an event mainly depends on its design and perfect realization. All elements must be coherent, globally and in great detail: nature of the message, typology of the targeted audience, appropriateness of place and style, structure and originality of scenario and theme, quality of the actors – the artists as well as the waiters and cooks –, inventiveness and careful execution.

The action and production segment takes a lot of effort but so does the oral, visual and printed communication.
Last but not least: the quality of the welcome is often determining, as is the goodbye.

In general, our clients entrust us with the complete design and implementation of their event, so that we can deal with the 1001 details that guarantee its success.

Our clients stay perfectly informed during the work’s progression. And of course, they can intervene, make suggestions or corrections, and reorient us according to their needs and possibilities.

Above all we want to take all the worries inherent to this kind of challenge off their shoulders.

We would be happy to meet you in order to present our approach to events: imagination, quality of service and realization, rigorous execution and budgetary management.
Each event is a medium containing several dimensions: movement thus rhythm, duration thus time, space thus depth, sound thus emotion, presence thus a human factor, etc. An event is suited for the active and emotional communication of certain types of messages.