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Training for expat: Initiation into the Belgitude©

Aims of the training
We developed the seminar Initiation into the Belgitude© to get the foreign executives, but also the Belgian executives, acquainted with Belgium, its way of life as well as the way of thinking of the Belgians.

1 day

The seminar addresses a range of issues because in Belgium (as in many places) nothing is simple at the beginning of the 21st century.

We propose:

  • An unexpected and unusual journey through the history of Belgium and the Belgians – essential to understand the complex challenges associated with doing business in Belgium
  • A colorful walk through its economical, social, political and cultural landscape
  • A special attention to the language problem, trade-unions and life in enterprises
  • A pragmatic and enriching initiation to live and work successfully in a country characterized by its diversity and sometimes surprising confusion due to thousand and one compromises “à la belge”

In French, Dutch or English.

Different seminar options:

  • An individual seminar, one day (for general managers and chief executives)
  • A group seminar, one day (up to 10 participants)

Important information: COVID PROOF training
We assure you that we are following the COVID-19 health guidelines, so you can participate at our training courses in complete safety.
If you wish, we can also organize our training online via the TEAMS or ZOOM app.

In the Press

If you want to read more about this training, read the article in French « L’art de belgiciser les cadres français » published in Trends Tendances.

The HR Tribune magazine contains a special report on “the top 50 classification of the best trainings in Belgium”. Our seminar Initiation into the Belgitude© is ranked in the top 10 of “Think out of the box” trainings.
Read the article in French about the training “Initiation into the Belgitude”.


If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on 02 534 44 11 or by e-mail

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