Little toolbox

Little toolbox©

A practical and intensive training course in communication skills for anyone in charge of a team.

Aims of the training

  • Enhance interactional and listening skills for managers
  • Learn how to manage difficult situations and people
  • Offer practical tools to facilitate effective communication between managers and their team, their colleagues and superiors


1 day

Short lectures covering 7 themes, followed by exercises and role playing:

  • Welcome and integrate a new team member
  • Effective communication: listening and asking questions
  • Giving feedback to reinforce relationships
  • How to say no when needed and neutralize anger
  • How to delegate?
  • Preparing an effective briefing
  • The first minute of a presentation in public


A practical approach, based on real-life situations, but also on understanding human phenomena. Knowledge is attained through practical exercises and action, short presentations, real life role playing.

Inter-company sessions
To know the dates of the next sessions, see the training calendar.

Intra-company options
If several persons inside your company are interested in our trainings, we can organize your own session as well.