Social communication

Social communication

The functioning and evolution of the internal and social relations within the company are a permanent challenge.

How can you motivate the members of your company in order to succeed at your projects?

Our agency helps you in the management of the social communication and the internal needs of the company:

  • human relations personnel/agents/executives/management
  • social and industrial relations, relations with the unions
  • crisis communication, propaganda and union agitation

We intervent:

  • Managerial Zone and Social Zone: an exclusive concept
  • Sociale Tensions

We are pragmatic. We support you with:

  • advice, suggestions, studies, recommendations, permanent follow-up
  • suitable offensive strategies, organization of information
  • coaching, assistance
  • training and communication training
  • internal events
  • production of internal media: brochures, newsletters, intranet, videos
  • speechwriting and copywriting